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  1. angelxxuan 3wk 4d ago

    Quote by Korra

    Quote by angelxxuan

    Quote by Korra Nobody understands ! \:

    I figured what you meant, much more fun than just images found on the net. you could google anime dancing gif and you'll find a lot.


    thanks, privacy - it's such a f**k'n sucks .

    I've understood you. I will no longer bother you on for such silly issues
    Just we slop humorists ©. That's all.

    Pretty done

    I don't do PMs, figured everyone should get a chance to read. and don't fret, feel free to bother me any time you have a question or issues, if I can't answer them I'll gladly ask around or send you to where you should go to ask.

  2. Korra 3wk 4d ago

    " I spend it all on you , baby , baby just watch .. "

  3. angelxxuan 3wk 4d ago

    Quote by Korra Nobody understands ! \:

    Quote by KorraHey! do you know when i say gifs - they don't understand me. What's wrong i said? :/

    it's the sb, people are weird in there sometimes, so don't let that stress you out. sometimes random, and sometimes otherwise. and, sometimes, language issues can also be a problem, so don't be too stressed about it. I figured what you meant, that's why I posted the video, much more fun than just images found on the net. you could google anime dancing gif and you'll find a lot.

  4. moritz 3wk 6d ago

    Hi Korra ! Thanks for your comment. I have a bunch of Wataboku art to scan. What a hedgehog's life !

  5. MisaSasekage Moderator 10wk 3d ago

    Quote by Korra Blackish house, Akune Sera, multicolored hair , blonde hair, green eyes, males, short hair, pink hair

    merged: 01-10-2017 ~ 08:06am
    Blackish house, Amano Hino, blonde hair, very long hair, blue eyes, females

    Please follow the example post at the top to report character tags correctly. But just in case, here's examples of what your posts should look like:

    Sera Akune (Blackish House, Males, Short Hair, Multicolored Hair, Green Eyes)
    Hina Amano (Blackish House, Females, Very Long Hair, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes)
    You do not need to report each separate color for any character that has more than one color in their hair, and remember to link the character tag you're trying to create. Just like in my example of yours posts.

  6. MisaSasekage Moderator 11wk 5d ago

    Quote by Korra Happy New Year❕

    Happy New Year yo you too ^^

  7. Korra 12wk 0d ago

    It's a long long time ))

  8. Korra 12wk 0d ago

    It's all bcs from sad friends and sad money - all hollydays - uhh..

  9. adri24rukiachan 20wk 1d ago

    Quote by Korra Hey! Adri. What's about your Halloween? :D

    Hello Korra well to be honest unfortunately in my country we do not celebrate this tradition u.u It's like any given day :( but and you how did it go? disguise of something? :D

  10. Tanya2000 44wk 5d ago

    Thanks for your fav :3

  11. Korra 45wk 6d ago


  12. Korra 45wk 6d ago


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