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  1. MisaSasekage Moderator Oct 07, 2018

    Quote by Korra

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Korra Misa is ignoring me -,-

    Spamming me is not the way to get a response from me or anybody else.

    Smtms some people don't notice updates because of their frequency. I asked you a question cause youre administrator. Only one offer and you would not have seen my posts on your wall. I know you've been condescending before, but things are changing.

    And if you think they haven't been noticed, you can wait until you get a response, instead of spamming me. Korra, you're the only one being condescending to ME because you're upset I didn't immediately respond to you. You know better; and I've always helped you/answered your questions when ever I got the time. I pretty much have to moderate all tags and scan by myself. So please calm down next time.

    As far as anything goes for a mobile site, I don't run or use that service for MT so I honestly don't know anything about it.

  2. MisaSasekage Moderator Oct 07, 2018

    Quote by Korra Misa is ignoring me -,-

    Spamming me is not the way to get a response from me or anybody else.

  3. Korra Oct 05, 2018

    T tttttttfffff

  4. Korra Oct 05, 2018

    S H i n e y

  5. Korra Jul 06, 2018

    B L A CK P I N K

  6. Korra Apr 16, 2018

    Why there

  7. Tsasu Feb 25, 2018

    Quote by Korra What do u think of Utopia ?

    You mean as in the idea of it?
    I think it sounds nice but a bit boring?

  8. Tsasu Feb 03, 2018

    Quote by Korra I would like to learn Italian and Belarusian :)

    Belarusian? (hang on i need to goggle that) oh :O that one looks really hard to learn but sounds pretty neat.
    I always liked the Italian language,one sounds do confident no matter what one says.

    I my self only know two languages, English & Spanish but wold like to know more.
    It's better and more easy to learn if you have more situations where you can use such languages, whether if it's with friends or just a whole different new place.

    You still going to school or University's?

  9. Tsasu Feb 01, 2018

    Quote by Korra Hey❕It's nothing wrong ! it has no concept of time , here , on MT for me :)

    So, you learn japanese ?

    Specially now how slow things are :P

    Eh a few words ,but don't really use them in real life conversations >.<
    How about you , what languages do you know?

  10. Tsasu Jan 31, 2018

    Quote by Korra

    Quote by Tsasu So I searched up kagerou days and I must say I like the art style, reminds me of the same art style as Durarara and Monogatari Series which i must add that i love both of those two.

    I tried looking for the episode but had no luck. Just found some short parodies on Youtube which i thought were pretty funny, any chance you know were i can fin the Original Episodes?

    So, i think you can watch it here with subs : https://ww4.gogoanime.io/mekaku-city-actors-episode-1 o
    Or here: https://animestreams.tv/watch-mekakucity-actors-full-episodes-online/
    I hope it convenient :)

    Hey Korra, I know it may be a bit late but thank you for the link's and they are English sub which I honestly don't mind at all, I actually prefer them that way. I know it's a bit weird but I rarely watch anime with English dub.
    anyways Thank's again for the link and for letting me know about the anime.

  11. minayuri Jan 22, 2018


  12. MisaSasekage Moderator Jan 14, 2018

    Quote by Korra Wiki's questions time * lol So, this series - Violet Evergarden made by kyoto belongs to this studio or not ? I mean the creation and idea of story

    Yes, the studio is Kyoto Animation.

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